Business and IT Strategy Services

Through our business and IT strategy services Yellow Dog gives you the information you need to make the right infrastructure and business application decisions. We assist our customers in quickly assessing where technology and automation best add value, including defining business needs and mapping them to solution capabilities to provide the best fit for today and tomorrow. Yellow Dog assists companies in making the most effective decision regarding their ERP system selection.

Project Management Services

Our project management services have been specifically designed with a focus on helping you get up and running quickly and effectively on your business applications. While focusing on a rapid return of your system deployment, Yellow Dog ensures that the application and overall solution meets the specific functional requirements that will give the greatest ROI. It is our mission to successfully and quickly implement mission-critical business applications cost effectively.

Optimization Services

Our optimization services ensure that your business needs are continually being met in today's constantly changing environment and that you are realizing the optimal return on your application investment.